How can I be active on holiday?

Holidays, though relaxing, can often be a challenging time to maintain our exercise routines. Without the structure of our regular exercise classes or our personal trainers motivating us to to turn up to the mat – the often uninspiring hotel gym makes it all too easy to skip the morning workout and instead head straight for the calorific breakfast buffet promising ourselves that tomorrow will be more active than the anticipated dozing and digesting planned poolside for today.

If this sounds all too familiar – read on to find out how you can relax, guilt free on holiday, because you have maintained an exercise routine that whilst maybe different to your regular routine promises to be challenging and easy to implement wherever you are.

Here are some tips including examples of programs you could use:

1. Use your body weight.

You can get a great workout in a small amount of space with no props – what could be easier? See below for example programme of high intensity workout.

2.  Make use of online apps.  Visit your app store before you leave for  holiday and choose a workout that appeals to you.  There are literally hundreds of free exercise apps to choose from.  My advice would be to make a decision what type exercise you would like to do and then select the most popular app for that choice.  Apps range from yoga classes to zumba classes to Hiit classes and more – the era of boring hotel gym workouts is no more!

3.  Pack a yoga mat with you.  Again – very little space required and an easy way to recharge your body and mind.  Download a yoga app or if you are an intermediate practitioner – try the suggested yoga programme below.

 4. Discover the city you are staying in on foot.  There is no better way to soak up the energy of a new destination than on foot – either by walking, power walking or pounding the pavement.  If you are near nature then reconnect by losing yourself along the nature trails.

5. Get in a pre-breakfast invigorating ocean swim or do some laps in the resort pool.  An easy – low impact cardiovascular workout that will give you energy for the days activities ahead.

6. Make use of the hotel facilities.  Often they offer complimentary bikes to ride into town or have a couple of tennis courts out the back.  If you have children – this is a great way to connect with them. And of course – just playing and wrestling with your children is an easy and enjoyable way to stay active too.  The list is endless and once you make exercise a part of your holiday you will realise that you return from your holidays feeling more relaxed and energised compared to when you chow down the ‘all you can eat buffet’ and passing out poolside!

Sample program 1- Intensity level – high

15 x forward lunges (both legs)

15 x jump squats

15 x burpees

45 second isometric squat (holding)

20 x plank hops

20 x push ups – (knees or toes)

15 x tricep push ups

20 x Ab – windshield wiper legs

60 second forearm plank

40 x bicycle crunches

Repeat 2 to 3 times

Sample program 2  – intensity level – moderate YOGA

For the yoga lovers – here is a hatha sequence – hold each pose for 8-12 breaths



up with 2 rounds of classic sun salutations

Standing half moon pose (right/left)

Eagle pose (right/left)

Standing bow pose (right/left)

Wide leg forward bend

Warrior 2 (right/left)

Extended side angle pose (right/left)

Downward facing dog

High plank – Side plank (right/left)

Jump through to boat pose

Cobra pose

Locust pose

Camel pose

Seated Head to knee pose (right/left)

Seated head to toe pose

Seated spinal twist (right/left)

Corpse pose


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