How To Reduce Waste In The Kitchen

When was the last time you took a good look around your kitchen? The next time you try, you may be shocked to discover that some debris has received a fair share of the space in the kitchen? Why is that so? It mainly boils down to the excessive littering of the kitchen with items that ought not to be there.


Many things happen in the kitchen. From cooking to preparing the ingredients for meals, there are higher chances of littering the kitchen. So, how can these wastes be minimized or gotten rid of in real-time? The clues below help discover how to reduce waste in the kitchen.

Consider Barter

It might sound like an “out of the world concept,” but the fact remains that bartering food could be one of the ways to reduce waste in the kitchen. The strategy deployed herein is to exchange foods with neighbors, friends, and families.

The concept is ideal when you seem to have too much food that storing them for some time may lead to their wastage. So, giving them out in exchange for some other food items you need would help in satiating your needs and that of the other party.

Stick to the Needs

Perhaps, you’ve heard many times that it’s essential to buy foods that you can consume within a specific timeframe. However, “sticking to the needs” doesn’t only stop at buying foods in smaller quantities.

On the contrary, you need to buy foods in bulk only if such can last longer. Also, waste in the kitchen can be reduced when homeowners begin to make only the meals they can consume in a short time.

Preserve Your Food

There are many Do-It-Yourself (DIY) techniques out there that can help in the preservation of food. The maintenance in this instance is to extend the lifespan of the food while reducing their chances of rotting away when not used for a while.

Choose Eco-Friendly Packaging

It’s about that time when there’s a paradigm shift from the use of plastic bags to the reusable variations that are eco-friendly. The latter (reusable bags) are essential in the quest to reduce waste in the kitchen. It does that because of biodegradability and recyclability.

That implies you could use the bags to get as many foods as you can while using them to get more if need be. With that, you can reduce the clutter of plastic bags that are littered in the kitchen.

Eat Leftovers

Understandably, you have gotten used to throwing the leftovers into the bin or trash can. Why don’t you change the concept and begin to store them in the freezer? You can warm the foods in the oven for consumption.

So, the next time you want to prepare another meal, ensure that you have no leftover in the freezer. If there is, consume it before contemplating the preparation of another that may still become another leftover piling up in the kitchen.

Freeze Your Foods

While considering the importance of leftover consumption, you should also look at the freezing of foods. Freezing foods empowers you to have “ready-made” food to eat, especially on days when you’re too tired to make another meal.

It’s time to reduce the litters that flood the kitchen. It’s not something that you need to break a sweat to do. With the application of the tips offered above, you would have a smooth ride in reducing the waste in your kitchen.

Do you know anyone that is struggling to reduce waste in the kitchen? Inspire such a person with this post to get started with the improved outlook of the kitchen.


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