Where Can You Find Mason Jars in Singapore?

When taking over LittleGreenDot ‘s Marketplace we also took over this article, a post that has proven one of the most popular for Little Green Dot and now also for orgayana. So we thought we’d update it with the latest – as there’s nothing like doing DIY and homemade goodies with mason jars!

So, let’s get going, so you can get crafting, organising and outlive those gifting ideas!  Here’s a list of 10 shops for you to check out:

  1. Le Bono – this new online store goes straight to the top of the list. Check out their collection of Ball mason jars – regular and wide-mouth mason jars in all sizes!
  2. Giant – (some outlets) carry Fido glass jars with flip lids and also, and the plastic mason jars with a handle, lid and straw – really good for green smoothies on the go!
  3. Fairprice Finest – carry Quattro Stagioni jars
  4. Ikea – they have the larger flip-lid glass jars, really good for pantry goods!
  5. Daiso – carry generic glass jars
  6. Spotlight – carry a range of proper canning jars ( 4 for $30) with the double lid system
  7. Howard’s Storage World – sell the same canning jars as Spotlight
  8. Tangs – sell the Quattro Stagioni jars and others
  9. Crate & Barrel – sell Weck jars! Be warned, you can happily spend all day and a month’s paycheck in this store!
  10. Medtra – sell all sorts of glass jars and containers

Did I miss one? Help me grow the list! If you spot another shop, share it with everyone on our FB page! 

Check out some of our favourite Mason Jar crafting ideas on Pinterest:




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